Open Source Hardware Summit

LIVE Labs Session #2


Alicia Gibb

Founder, Open Hardware Summit; Exec. Dir., OSHWA; CEO, Lunchbox Electronics

Michael Weinberg

President, Open Hardware Summit; Exec. Dir., NYU Law, Engelberg Center

Sophi Kravitz

Director of Product, Supplyframe; GM at & Hackaday Prize; Creative, Connector, Engineer

What Happened

Going virtual is a challenge for a tribe of engineers, designers and makers whose passion is hardware.

The Open Source Hardware Summit was about to launch its tenth anniversary edition in NYC a couple weeks ago, when it was stopped in its tracks by the arriving pandemic. With less than a week to reimagine the live event going entirely digital, our guests focused on community connection as the actual heart and soul of their event (arguably of every successful event). Preserving that community became their main goal. Some highlights of what we learned are below.

An introduction to the Open Source Hardware Association:

What We Learned

On Technology: Creating an interaction space

Michael Weinberg, President, OSHWA

On Skills: Prepping for virtual and a new industry is born

Sophi Kravitz, Keynote Speaker, Open Hardware Summit

On Engagement: People want a place to meet and chat

Alicia Gibb, Founder, OSHWA

On Delivering: Spin up a server and use moderators

Alicia Gibb, Founder, OSHWA


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