"Inside LIVE" with Rose Maugeri of RingCentral - New Strategies for Seamless Experience

CONNECTING THE RIGHT PEOPLE WITH THE RIGHT INFORMATION: Insights from Rose Maugeri, Vice President, Strategic Events at RingCentral

Whether it is digital or live, audiences want an experience that flows naturally, connects them with the right information and people, and feels effortless. As marketers shift to digital, many have to rethink strategies. Learn how RingCentral is developing new strategies for the current digital climate and to prepare for the return of live events. Listen to the full session.

Highlights include:

- Mapping Customer Needs: Building Bridges with Digital and Data.
Mapping customer needs through digital is exciting, and it can give us data that live events can't. If we do things right, live events can be the bridge between the two. Events provide marketers the ability to track and compare data, build recommendations for marketers and attendees, and connect people with their specific wants and needs.

- New Sponsorship Programs: Creating More Value for Sponsors.
RingCentral, now is the time to create new sponsorship packages, set a value to them, and then give them away for free the first year to gather data that will back up that value for sponsors. Each event is unique and should have sponsorships specific to the attendees and sponsors. The key to a valuable sponsorship is the opportunity to have a platform to share your message with your audience.``

- The Evolution of Live Events: A Combination of LIVE and DIGITAL will Drive our Future.
Events will be a combination of live and digital — a hybrid model. We can never go back, but we are going to learn a lot, make changes, and events will be better. When we go back to in-person events, we will try new ways to engage the virtual audience and give each audience a unique experience. This is a time for the industry to learn and evolve.

Thank you Rose for an informative session!

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