"Inside LIVE" with Kevin Schwoer of Verizon Media - Brands, Fans, and Accessibility

CREATING THE ULTIMATE BRAND EXPERIENCE THROUGH LIVE EVENTS: Kevin Schwoer, Senior Events Manager at Verizon Media shares his Insights around Brands, Fans and Accessibility.

Verizon Media is making virtual events better by telling a great story. They are shifting to a B-to-B-to-C strategy to break through the noise. Live events aren’t going away, but for now Verizon is working on enhancing virtual events. The brand is focused on differentiating content through authentic storytelling that speaks to its audience. Learn how the team is pulling inspiration from fan bases like Marvel and DC Comics to create unique stories and enhance the experience for customers. Listen to the entire SESSION.

Session Highlights Include:


How Verizon is using technology to enhance the online event experience.
Verizon is using virtual events to open new opportunities to get technology into people’s hands and make the experience more personal. They are expanding their reach by hosting demos online to showcase their accessibility platform. At an in-person event they would be talking about the platform, but online they can highlight its features and create an experience.


Accessibility is a key part of Verizon's event strategy.
Verizon is committed to making events accessible to all, whether it be in person or digital events. For those with sight impairments, the brand is making events accessible through the Be My Eyes app. It makes content easy to interpret for those with disabilities. To create deeper human-to-human connections, they use the app at live and virtual events to enhance learning and implement accessibility.

Kevin is the eternal optimist. "Events aren't going away anytime soon. We are at a challenging but innovative and inspiring time to rethink everything. It's a great place to be."

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