"Inside LIVE" with Julie Katrus of Marsh - Taking Care of All Audiences

PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE & DOING THE RESEARCH: Julie Katrus, Director of Global Events at Marsh shares her Insights around Marsh's approach.

Why Marsh pivoted events to an internal focus to better serve its audiences.

What happens when you have to cancel 100 global events? You pivot quickly and channel your creativity in new ways. Learn how the team at Marsh shifted its focus from external live events to internal engagement. To ensure that Marsh stayed connected to clients and the community, the team developed various programs to support internal teams. The new programs not only engage and connect employees across the globe, but they help make jobs easier while working remotely so they can better serve clients.
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Session Highlights Include:


Alignment is the key to momentum. Maintaining strong client relationships is the most important thing. During these challenging times, everything is moving so fast. So how does Marsh keep things moving forward? The team believes that sales and marketing alignment is essential to building trust, working towards the same goals, and always keeping the client relationship in mind.


Looking for the perfect formula for digital meetings. The Zoom fatigue is real. Learn how Marsh is looking for ways to make it more exciting and find the right fit. The team is conducting research to uncover the perfect formula for digital meetings and events for both internal and external audiences.

Julie and the Marsh team are #AllInTogether and we thank her for her time, passion and spirit!

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