"Inside LIVE" with Elizabeth Murphy of Oracle - Keeping the Community Together

CENTERING AROUND COMMUNITY: Insights from Elizabeth Murphy, Executive Producer, Senior Director Global Events at Oracle

Learn how Oracle has been coaching the team on what matters most — community. In the new normal of events, marketers are shifting focus to new strategies and tactics, but keeping their community at the center of everything. Oracle is applying strategies from the broadcast world, rethinking content creation, and leaning into customers for insights. Listen to the full session.

Highlights include:

- The Building Blocks Are The Same - Disruption doesn't change the requirements for experience at Oracle

What did Oracle learn from the disruption to the events industry? The building blocks are the same. An impactful experience requires strong content, smart technology, and meaningful engagement.

- Lessons From The Broadcast World - Broadcasting best practices elevate Oracle's online content

Marketers are expanding their skill sets and learning from other mediums. As attention spans shrink even more with the growing amount of digital events and content, marketers are leaning into broadcasting best practices. Learn how Oracle created a series of content vignettes with short and sweet segments.

- Let Customers Tell Their Story - Focusing on the customer adds new dimension to Oracle's event content

Now is the perfect time to engage customers and provide a platform for them to tell their stories. Oracle is re-imagining the event experience and content with the Oracle Customer Spotlight Series. The series is solely focused on customer stories and not a sales pitch. Customers share their challenges and what they need to be successful, and Oracle gets first-hand insight into how to better serve them.

Thank you Elizabeth for your insights!

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