"Inside LIVE" with Dana Larson, Event Strategy Consultant - Event Production to TV Production

NEW THINKING AROUND CONTENT & CONTENT DELIVERY: Dana Larson, Event Strategy Consultant, Shares 5 Steps From Live Event to Virtual Event.

How can marketers prepare for the future of events? What content formats will engage audiences? Where can marketers pull inspiration from? Leading strategist Dana Larson explains a five-step process for creating meaningful and impactful experiences, whether live or digital.

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Session Highlights Include:


How this strategy team enhances the digital experience. Plan, program, and develop for the medium. Live and digital are different, and what works for one may not work for the other. Marketers are forced to be more thoughtful and consider the right best practices for audiences. How do you create an experience that meets their needs? What is the best length of a digital session? Learn how the team suggested new content formats to enhance the experience and match the medium.


How this strategist sees events making strides toward the future. The pandemic has brought big changes to the events industry. In turn, those have created challenges for marketers — but there are silver linings too. The pause in live events has helped the environment and reminded us of the importance of connection. This is a time for the industry to reset and make strides towards being more sustainable and more connected.

Dana is optimistic about the future of events and sees many good things coming - everything from reducing and eliminating waste from the event industry to working toward having a good experience through digital, year round. We like these silver linings and thank Dana for her insights.

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