"Inside LIVE" with Julie Clarke of FinancialForce - Digital is Here to Stay

DESIGNING A SUCCESSFUL EVENT: Learning from Julie Clarke, Director of Global Events at FinancialForce

Digital events are not going anywhere, and when live events come back, digital will still be here. Learn how FinancialForce transitioned to digital seamlessly with a strong support team, the proper tools, and a strategic plan. The team knew that a digital event experience had to be more than a webinar on steroids — they needed to foster and build community. Enjoy the full session.

Some highlights include:

-Community Comes First.
The production value is not the priority. It's about the content and the relationships. The paradigm has completely shifted. Audiences want to connect with one another and with brands, but they also want valuable content.

-A Seamless Transition.
The FinancialForce team jumped into action to transition their live event to digital. They started with clear goals and objectives, sourced digital tools and resources, and leveraged the content they had created for the live event. Once they had a solid plan together, the team was able to successfully transition to digital.

-More than a Webinar on Steroids
The team went back to building the community. Starting with the main goals, they knew that a digital event experience had to be more than a webinar on steroids. The community at the FinancialForce events wants to learn, network, expand the community, and enhance their individual careers. To create a valuable experience they enhanced chat functionality, Q&A, polling, and sidebar conversations, and included virtual exhibitors.

Thank you Julie for your insights and congratulations on a successful FinancialForceX Virtual Summit!

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