"Inside LIVE" with Angie Smith of Atlassian

EMBRACING CHANGE: The LIVE Labs team recently caught up with Angie Smith of Atlassian and talked about the future of LIVE. Sharing what we learned.

While much is changing, the Atlassian team remains focused on their goals to create brand champions, share the Atlassian map and portfolio, and engage audiences — live or online, it doesn’t matter. Accepting that events will be different has empowered Atlassian to rethink what is possible, lean into digital solutions, and strategically find the right medium to achieve their goals. Here's our conversation.

Some highlights include:

-Events will be different.
Things are going to be different. Different will be better, and the new normal will focus on hyper-personalized experiences and segmented audiences. The right people will get the right message at the right time. How many people we can get there isn't what marketers should care about anymore — it's all about the right people hearing the messages.

-Find the right medium.
This is an incredible opportunity for all marketers to expand their breadth of knowledge. It is not enough to take the in-person experience and put it online. It doesn’t translate. Marketers are learning how to do things differently and find the right medium to deliver.

-Lean into digital.
Message to event marketers — if you aren't leaning in to digital as a platform to expand your breadth of coverage, you have missed the train. Continue to embrace the changes and lean into digital.

A special thanks to Angie Smith for sharing!

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